8th October 2020

Positive nutrition for mental health

20th March, 2019

Jo-emma Larvin

Nourish your body, nourish your brain

It is much more than an assumption to say that food choices can affect your mood and mental health. We know how important eating a nutritious diet is for the body but how often do we take into account how our diet effects the way we feel and even think?

Each time we eat there is a chemical reaction in our bodies. Every mouthful is either healing or ailing us, draining or energising us. Poor dietary habits really can impact the working day, increasing risk of anxiety and depression. 

Think of it as bathing your cells in happiness & positivity when you choose healthier, whole foods that energise the cells that travel all over your body via the blood and to the brain.

Keep the mind in a positive state by putting more focus on what you are adding IN and not too much thought and attention on what to avoid.

Brain feeding tips

1. HYDRATION - Let’s start with the elixir of life! The brain is approximately 73% water and its function depends on having enough. It is important for every cell, tissue and organ. As little as a 1-3% decrease in hydration can have a negative effect on memory, concentration and decision making, so keep topped up!

*have a water counter in the office

2. DIGESTION - Good digestion can keep things running smoothly and bad digestion can be very taxing. Remember as well as digesting food and drinks we also digest and process emotions, thoughts and experiences. All impact the body and emotional levels. So be mindful of the company you keep, what you read, what you allow in. Is it positive?

Eat mindfully, slowly and Chew, Chew, Chew!

*encourage staff to eat away from their desk maybe have it as a policy

3. HEALTHY FATS - Fat in the brain builds cells essential for learning and memory. Grey area contains most of the nerve cells that control emotions, decision making and memory. You can actually increase this grey brain matter by eating more of these brain boosting fats.  

To make sure you are getting in plenty of brain friendly Folate, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Omegas eat more.....

  • Fatty fish inc Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel, Tuna,
  • Nuts - Brazil’s, flax, Pumpkin Seeds
  • Plenty of fresh organic greens such as Broccoli, Grean Leaves, Avocados

Blueberries, Green Tea, Turmeric and thankfully Dark Chocolate :)

Jo-emma Larvin

Jo-emma Larvin is a nutritional advisor with a passion for making healthier lifestyles easier, both personally and for the workforce. I work with a diverse range of private clients including professional athletes and busy business men and women. I also work in numerous ways within organisations promoting health and wellness in the workplace. Taking a holistic approach with a good understanding of how everything is connected, body and mind and implementing healthier habits and adjustments positively improving general wellbeing. 

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