8th October 2020

The wellbeing benefits of light are as clear as the day is long

3rd October, 2018

Anna Iversen

“Whether it’s a walk in the park, a day at the seaside or a holiday in the sunshine, we all appreciate the great outdoors. We thrive when we are in natural daylight. Our busy lives mean that we don’t spend much time outdoors and we are spending more and more time in front of screens. To counteract these modern behaviours, we need to harness the therapeutic effects of light” says Anna Iversen, Founder and CEO of fjorlight.

Light therapy available to all

Anna Iversen is a leading London health and wellbeing entrepreneur. Her research into and interest in the whole subject of light and its effects on wellbeing led her to design a red light therapy pod with the objective of it becoming a therapeutic fixture of offices, airports, hotels, shopping centres, gyms and health spas. The first prototype has already been produced and will be on display at The Mad World Forum in London on 9thOctober 2018, with sample sessions on offer to visitors. Anna will be there throughout the event to demonstrate her prototype and answer any questions.

Enlightened by science

Anna’s company, fjorlight has immersed itself in the vast pool of science behind the therapeutic use of light and how light therapy technology can help us to improve our wellbeing in quite profound ways.

Called the fjorlight HiVE, it was developed based on the extensive research available. A wide variety of studies confirmed a range of wellbeing benefits of red (600-700 nm) and near infrared light (830 nm and above). The red light does not penetrate deeply, it is a topical treatment that boosts energy production in your cells and treats your skin. The near-infra red penetrates deeper into the body and can therefore repair tissue more systemically.

The wonders of light

These light sources help restore healthier cellular function and help to heal wounds, reduce inflammation, increase metabolism, balance hormones, stimulate hair re-growth and improve performance and recovery after physical exercise or injury. They also help to remove fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. People with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema will feel the benefits of them too. There is also very promising research on the effect they have on brain disorders, ranging from traumatic brain injury, degenerative diseases as well as psychiatric disorders, including depression and anxiety. The therapy also has a positive effect on mental performance and general mood. If you could bottle the benefits it would be a wonder drug!

Convenience and accessibility

The fjorlight HiVE lined with LED’s, was designed with scalability and accessibility in mind, both in terms of locations and cost. At about the same size as a vending machine (well, it is a bit bigger!), it uses little space and is about as easy to maintain. Its futuristic design uses natural honeycomb shaped panels and the pod can be assembled effortlessly. To augment the red light therapy, fjorlight has incorporated sound therapy inside the pod and the floor is grounded, to mimic your bare feet contacting the earth, neutralising damaging free radicals. To achieve the best effects from red light therapy, people should remove as many items of clothing as possible to allow the light to penetrate the skin. Anna suggests that just five minutes inside a fjorlight HiVE will leave people feeling better and more energised.”

An app that will allow people to locate and book sessions in their closest fjorlight HiVE is currently in development.

Anna Iversen

Anna Iversen is the founder of health and wellbeing business fjorlight, whose mission is to bring cutting-edge health promoting science and technology to the broader public. Anna says that gaining exposure to sunlight is as important as eating a healthy diet and that our modern approach to light - not enough natural light and too much “junk light” from poor indoor lighting solutions and screens - contributes to the development of chronic conditions. Fjorlight has developed a light therapy pod to bring the benefits of light therapy to a range of spaces including offices, airports, hotels, gyms, shopping malls and wellness spas

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