8th October 2020


We live and work in a Mad World.

In our “mad world”, where the workplace is evolving faster than ever before, the need to address mental health and wellbeing is increasingly a top priority for business leaders. A proactive approach to caring for the body and the mind benefits everyone. It not only makes sense on a human level – poor mental health ultimately costs employers billions in productivity and related expenses.

With today’s and tomorrow’s top talent demanding better support in the workplace and innovative strategies to address mental health and wellbeing, employers must be prepared to redefine workplace culture and adopt solutions.

“The workplace is a force for good in mental wellbeing... Business has to play its part and be confident about playing its part”

Sir Ian Cheshire, Chairman, Barclays UK and Campaign Chair, Heads Together in his keynote address at the Mad World Summit 2018

Business leaders are in a unique position to drive systemic change. However, many are struggling to put in place strategies that will have a sustainable impact across their organisation.

Building on the impact of the inaugural Mad World Summit, the 2019 event will feature fresh insights – both from leaders in established industries and from bold disruptors who are setting a new benchmark for company culture. Through the lens of mental health, we’ll showcase tangible whole-person solutions – blending best-practice case studies – from the UK and beyond – with the most exciting ideas driving innovation.

Harnessing the power of business, Mad World Summit convenes a range of commercial leaders: from C-suite to line managers and next-generation leadership teams; from SMEs to FTSE 100 companies.

Whether you’re just getting started with the emotional, financial and physical elements of a wellbeing strategy, or you’re moving to the next level of implementation, Mad World Summit is the premier B2B event for 1000+ delegates and visitors looking for cross-sector collaboration, inspiration and to find the right solutions for your organisation – now, and for the future.

Mad World – Objective

Our objective with the Mad World Summit is to shift the conversation about mental health in the workplace up a gear; accelerating the shift from stigma to solutions. By focusing on fresh thinking, we will draw in those that have not yet been reached, as well as those that are looking for ways to build on and bolster their commitment to employee mental health, wellbeing and workplace culture.

What makes this event stand out?

It’s our focus on the future of work, with the spotlight on mental health, plus our international network, exhibition of solution providers and dedication to providing an innovative, engaging event format that set the Mad World Summit apart. There are no other events like Mad World.

The event title Mad World Summit reflects the colloquial “mad world” saying, conveying a sense of turbulent change. It alludes to the challenges associated with the way in which mental illnesses have traditionally been perceived, while acknowledging the millennial openness and sense of playfulness.

Other features that will set the event apart include:

  • The inspiring content including:
    • Real life case studies from trailblazing companies to benchmark strategies against
    • Insight into strategies that are delivering tangible benefits
    • The opportunity to dive deeper into specific issues through roundtable discussions
    • An understanding of best practice and worst practice
    • Fresh perspectives from companies that are leading with corporate culture
    • Key trends, emerging practice and exciting ideas driving future innovation that will enable attendees to stay ahead of the curve and future proof their strategies
  • This is the only event that will bring all levels of management to the conversation
  • The opportunity to meet cutting edge solution providers

Format for Mad World Summit 2019

  • The latest keynotes and case studies to inform and inspire
  • Tracks focusing attention on prevention, redefining workplace culture and next generation insights to future proof strategies
  • A choice of breakfast briefings, parallel tracks, interactive workshops and roundtables to encourage networking and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange
  • A melting pot of cross-industry ideas and inspiration for attendees representing an array of job functions.
  • Sessions linking to the “Thriving at Work” Stevenson/Farmer review’s core standards, so attendees can find the content to meet their needs
  • The de-Frazzled zone with space to unwind, gather your thoughts and share experiences
  • Sessions designed to meet the information needs of SMEs as well as larger organisations
  • A C-Suite agenda-setting Think Tank led by a key industry expert
  • Mad World Impact Excellence Awards & pre-show speakers’ and International Ambassadors’ dinner
  • An exhibition of 35 world class products and services, so attendees can discover and compare practical and innovative solutions under one roof

Delivers pressing information needed by employers and a sense of urgency, combined with a growing and evolving market for relevant solutions.