8th October 2020

Aon launches digital wellbeing platform to improve health

3rd May, 2019

Claire Farrow

Today Aon has announced the future launch of a new digital health engagement platform with dacadoo. The platform is designed to help organisations enhance business performance by improving the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

The Aon Well One app utilises dacadoo’s digital health score platform. Through this, employees will be offered digital one-to-one coaching. They will also have the ability to connect virtually with colleagues to share progress. Earned recognition will help to influence healthy behaviors and increase motivation.

Alistair Connell, CEO of Aon’s Health Solutions, EMEA said: “Well One is an exciting enhancement to our wellbeing capabilities”.

The idea is that the anonymous and aggregate data received from the Well One platform, coupled with Aon’s data and analytics capabilities, will allow a deeper understanding into what employers and their workers need to thrive.

This will then enable sustainable healthy behaviour change and help employers to further reduce risk, manage cost and increase performance.

Through artificial intelligence driven digital coaching and education, Well One is designed to give employees the awareness and understanding they need to better manage their lifestyle and future finances.

Individuals can compare personal health achievements to those across the organisation anonymously, while businesses can benchmark against others in the industry.

Tim Dwyer, CEO of Aon’s Health Solutions, Asia Pacific said: “Our clients are recognising that health is not just physical but rather a combination of factors – including emotional, social and financial – and all can affect an individual’s wellbeing.”

Well One is designed to educate and support individuals’ financial wellbeing and lifestyle choices to help change not just how they think, but what they do.

Studies have shown that healthy, happy and motivated employees deliver higher performance and remain more loyal towards their employers over time.

Well One is first being offered in parts of Europe and Asia.

For more information and to watch a video about Well One, visit

Claire Farrow

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