8th October 2020

Finding your team’s MOJO

9th July, 2019

Ann McCracken

What is MOJO??

The term Mojo seems to originate from African languages, relating to magical powers but now, in the Western hemisphere, is more to do with personal drive and energy for life.

Where do employers start? A good start is to empower all your staff to discover the tools for self-awareness which will lead to improved mental health and wellbeing.

Self-awareness is a conscious knowledge of your character, feelings, motive and desires.

When individuals at all levels of employment come to know their strengths and limitations, understand their emotions and the impact their behaviours have on themselves and others at home, work, and activities they take part in, many actions, behaviours and outcomes begin to make more sense.

What are the key drivers of Mojo/Wellbeing?

The first level driver is good personal Lifestyle and Life Skill habits:

  • quality sleep
  • regular exercise that raises the heart rate
  • healthy food habits
  • hobbies that nourish and satisfy the individual
  • positive personality style
  • engaging relationships and social skills
  • time management: the ability to make optimum use of time and available opportunities
  • mental flexibility - willingness to keep an open mind and explore varied options
  • ability and enthusiasm to create realistic solutions and effective decisions
  • ability to identify needs/desires and set realistic goals
  • self-respect, self-esteem and self-reliance
  • assertiveness – the ability to express feelings and needs appropriately

The second level driver is based on a sense of being valued both in the workplace and in personal life. This leads to positive coping behaviours which in turn encourage the above lifestyle habits, resulting in positive physical and psychological/mental health outcomes, life and work satisfaction and engagement – Mojo!

When people at all levels of the business, understand their key drivers of wellbeing, it helps them to develop a balanced mind and body. When this is achieved, the result is grounded individuals, comfortable to accept themselves and this can lead to confidence and emotional balance.

Everyone has their own personal emotional balance and acceptance of this, supports healthy coping strategies to be developed, enhancing their MOJO which then enhances their approach to work tasks leading to achievement of the business objectives.

Sadly, if these factors are not in place, physical and mental ill health can result, which can have a significant impact on all aspects of the business.

How do you support Mojo/Wellbeing at all levels in your business?

You train Mojo Champions, at all levels of the business, then appropriate conversations can ensue, people can share knowledge and new skills can be encouraged and/or professional support can be engaged if necessary.

The more your staff understand their key drivers, the better they are at adapting to life and work changes.

Some people love change, whilst others can find change very challenging, and the challenge for their colleagues, is to support them to find the ladder/ route / avenue or path that works for them and supports their Mojo.


Ann McCracken

Ann is an authority on the topics of Personal and Workplace Stress, Mental Health, Wellbeing and Resilience. She brings her scientific/medical research, teaching and therapeutic backgrounds to simplify recent leaps in knowledge of Neuroscience which have clarified the Mind Body connection. She is an enthusiastic speaker and writer with national and international experience.

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